We will usually offer to handle the negotiating of finance deals for you. It just required you to fill in the requisite forms, choose the tenure of the loan and submit these to us together with proof of income. We will get back to you with an offer letter from the bank indicating the terms of the loan including the rates and repayment schedule.

Things to be prepared before loan submission.
01 Personal Application

1. A copy of identification card.

2. A copy of driving license.

3. 3 months of bank statement.

4. 3 months of payslip.



02 Sdn Bhd Company

1. A copy of directors identification card.

2. A copy of directors license.

3. 6 months of director's bank statement/payslip.

4. 6 months of company bank statement.

5. M&A documents.



03 Enterprise Company

1. A copy of director identification card.

2. A copy of director license.

3. Company's SSM.

4. 6 months of company's bank statement.

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